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Those We Help

Here is a glimpse into the lives of those we've helped...


Current Referral Sources


American Cancer Society

Christian Woman's Job Corp.

Gracework's Ministries, Inc.

Mental Health Cooperative

Mercy Children's Clinic

Murfreesboro City Schools

New Vision, Inc.

Tennessee Department of Children's Services

Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center

Williamson County Juvenile Court

Williamson County Schools

Williamson Medical Center



Examples of helping hand extended by Closer To Home:


  • Family of four needed assistance with utilities due to father being off work with a job injury and falling behind in their bills.
  • Family of six needed rent assistance due to father losing his job and mother can only work part time due to birth of baby.
  • Helping a young man receive counseling following a history of being in and out of foster care due to inappropriate parenting by family member.
  • Father and son need assistance with medication and psychiatric care due to multiple mental health diagnosis.
  • A senior In high school is left homeless following the death of his mother.  He needed clothing after losing all his belongings at the hands of a relative he was living with.
  • Family needed help with medical bills relating to a hearing impaired child.  Expenses were not covered by insurance.
  • Family took over the care of four abused young children who came to them with only the clothes on their backs.  We helped them get clothes for the children.
  • Foster parents of an autistic child needed help with Autism Services that they cannot afford.
  • Husband and wife are both cancer patients and care for an adult daughter who is deaf.  They needed help with their rent.
  • Single Mom needed assistance with electric deposit after leaving a domestic violence shelter.
  • Single Mom needed  help with food after paying for unexpected car repairs.
  • Cancer patient off work for 3 months due to chemo treatment and fell behind in her rent.
  • Single Mom of six needed help with food.  Children's father has still not started to give her any support.
  • Widowed disabled mother of four special needs children needed help with monthly expenses due to falling behind after a recent move.  The place they were living had a serious mold problem.
  • Disabled woman caring for her elderly father needed help with electric bill.
  • Grandmother is now caring for her grandchildren due to their mother going to jail and needed help with groceries.
  • Single Mom had to stay home from work to care for a terminally ill child.  They needed help with their rent.
  • Single working Mom with a special needs son needed help with purchasing tires for her car.
  • High school student lost his medication and TennCare would not supply again until next month.  Student needs this medication in order to have any success at school.
  • Single Mom needed help with groceries.  She works full time and cares for a severely mentally disabled and autistic child diagnosed with nutritional issues requiring he eat gluten and sugar free.
  • Single Mom with special needs baby is homeless and living with a friend.  She is a senior in high school and needs help so she can graduate in May.
  • Parents needed help in paying for counseling for son who has been sexually abused.
  • Grandparents on a fixed income are raising their grandson and need assistance until they start getting social security benefits for the child.
  • Single father needs assistance with food/gas following the loss of his job.
  • Terminally ill father unable to work.  They lost their home and mother can only work part time due to his illness.  We helped with utilities.
  • Mother and children abandoned by father who took all the money when he left.  Mom needed gas money to get back and forth to school so she can get a better job.
  • Young woman has taken custody of her cousin and needed help with monthly expenses.
  • We fund a medication program at Mercy Children's Clinic called Christmas 365 – helping families who cannot afford their children's medicine.
  • Bought a bed for a child who has been sleeping on the floor of his grandparents home.

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