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7608 Aubrey Ridge Court, Fairview, TN 37062

Phone: (615) 319-9751


Michael DelGiorno

Michele Pillar

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About Closer To Home


2021 begins our 21st year of service in 5 middle TN counties!


Mission Statement


Closer to Home's goal is provide for and enrich the lives of people in community who fall upon hard times.


It purpose - enabling help to once again become productive members of community.

Ricky Scaggs

2003 show

Michele Pillar


Keb' Mo'

2009 show

Jennifer O’Neill

2008 show

JoDee Messina

2004, 2016

Farm shows

Michael McDonald

2000, 2002 & 2010

Christmas shows

John Hiatt

2001 Farm show

Allen Shamblin

2012 show

Kix Brooks

2012 show

Vince Gill

2000 show &

2010 Anniversary show

Phil Vassar

2005 show

Mac Davis

2012 show

Steve Winwood

2000 show


2001 Farm show

Christopher Cross

2011 show

Victoria Jackson

2016 show

Action Statement


Closer to Home's calling is raise funds from events, sponsorships and donations in order to supply provisions at food, shelter, clothing and education for needy families, individuals and children to attention via third party references.




In August of 2000, Grammy nominated award winner Michele Pillar formed Closer to Home. Since, many artists have donated their talents raise funds for Closer to Home, including Michael McDonald, Steve Winwood, Vince Gill, JoDee Messina, Wynonna, Phil Vassar, Allen Shamblin, and many others.


Corporate Sponsors as Keller Williams, Bridgestone, Capitol Bank and AIM Health Care Services have given generously help hundreds of people in Williamson and surrounding counties.


Closer to Home is 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Corporation.

"We are blessed with strong foundation of volunteer Board Members who together represent of fifty years experience with not-for-profit organizations. We run smoothly and quickly to assist help often within twenty-four hours. Closer to Home is simple neighbor helping neighbor effort," states Michele Pillar, Closer to Home President.




Closer to Home is managed by five member Board of Directors. Operation and overhead expenses are approximately $300 per month and the Director of Gifting is paid modest salary the daily processing of referral requests.


Most distributions are given anonymously to maintain the dignity of helped.


Referrals are submitted to Closer to Home via public servants as social workers, police officers, caseworkers, educators and other individuals in position to evaluate people. Closer to Home help immediates assistance, and maybe to proud ask for help.


"I am very excited to serving on Board for Closer to Home. I've watched it carefully the years and respect all aspects of it."-- Beth Ingram, Chairman the Board of Closer To Home.

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